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Photography farm Workshop Styled Shoot Brighton Beach
Photography Farm Elements ~ Bath 6-7th November

We have been asked by lots of you if we could go West (cue singing The Pet Shop Boys!) for Photography Farm Elements so of course, we’d love to oblige. Our next workshop is going to be on the 6th & 7th of November, join us for either or both days and here is what we will be covering….

Photography Farm is an intense and amazing experience with a lot of the magic happening because we all stay together in that gorgeous and creative environment. We do however realise that some of you may never make it down to The Farm so we take Elements out to various UK cities with a two day workshop offering some of the elements that we cover at The Farm. These are non-residential workshops designed to fill in the gaps in your Wedding Photography Business or set you on the right path.

Day One is all about FLASH with Adam Bronkhorst from Viva Wedding Photography. If you are not really friends with your flash, then you will love this day. Adam is our resident expert in all things lighting and he will take you from zero to hero with your flash skills on this comprehensive day of on and off camera flash. After making sure that you have mastered the basics and working with your flash attached to your camera, he will then step things up a level and show you how to take the flash off camera for some truly creative techniques. This workshop is aimed at getting you on track for shooting weddings in all conditions, at all times of year and not worrying about the low lighting levels, dark venues, full sun or what to do when the available light goes.

We’ll be looking at specific difficulties with Weddings and the areas which you can make your life easier on the day and with the editing afterwards.


We’ll focus on:

Lighting indoor group shots, so you can work through them quickly and easily.
How to use flash to get creative couples shots inside and after dark.
Techniques to light up a whole room with two lights, so that you can shoot anywhere and get a correct exposure.
How to make sure that you capture all the action during the speeches even in low light.
Finally we focus on creative On-Camera flash for the first dance.

The aim of the workshop is to get you confident with shooting in all lighting levels and get you looking forward to shooting all your weddings. You might just want to master mixing flash with available light for a subtle look or you could end up embracing the creative possibilities of flash. Either way, we’d love to help you out.

* Understanding your flash and its settings
* Bouncing flash to create soft lighting and how to shape your light
* Balancing daylight and flash for very sunny situations
* Using on-camera flash indoors
* Creating natural looking images taken with flash
* The fundamentals of off-camera flash
* Equipment needed to get you started and take your photography further
* The core principles of getting a correct exposure every time
* The different way in which your light can be shaped / changed for creative techniques
* Changing the colour / hardness / depth of your light
* How to use the different techniques in any environment


On Day Two Lisa Devlin will be offering a workshop which explores the Fundamental Rules of Being a Kick Ass Wedding Photographer.

A couple of the areas that the photographers who come to Photography Farm say they struggle with the most is defining their style and standing out in their own particular market. In this brand new workshop, Lisa Devlin will be exploring all sorts of ways that we can develop our own unique voices and find our own particular niche as wedding photographers. She will shoot a real couple and talk about how she connects with her clients.You will be encouraged to take a turn in directing and shooting as well. This day is designed to inspire you in how you shoot, what you shoot and how you approach your entire business with creativity and passion.

Photography farm Workshop Styled Shoot Brighton Beach

Lisa will finish the day with an open and honest discussion on how we can look at our individual markets and come up with creative ways to get our businesses known. She will demystify the dark art of SEO and show you you ways that work to help you stand out from the crowd.

Rainbow Rock n Roll Bride

You will leave with an ace goody bag stuffed full of industry swag plus a head buzzing with inspiration. Can we tempt you along? Each day is £300 or come to both days for £550. The workshop is held in central Bath and spaces are limited. We start at 10am and finish around 5.30pm. We also invite you to join us for dinner after day one.

Any questions, or to book email Photography Farm

8 Responses to Photography Farm Elements ~ Bath 6-7th November

  1. Maria Assia says:

    Oooh so tempting. Sounds like an awesome 2 days. Will have to shift some things around and see if I can make it.

  2. very tempting…I better start saving…

  3. Ellie says:

    Sounds like a fantastic couple if days.. I would love love love to win good luck to everyone :)

  4. Oh I wish I could afford to go – sounds amazing! Just the type of direction I need as I am still learning.

  5. Rebekah says:

    I am self taught and have a family to look after, so I never get the chance to develop new skills in an intensive course. I really need that push for the business side of things too! I’d truly cherish the chance to learn from these amazing photographers! There really isn’t that many opportunities like this :)

  6. jo dainton says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Just wondering if there are any spaces left on the Flash Elements day on 17th September?
    If there is, could i book a place please?



  7. Mario says:


    Just wondering if there were any spaces for the 17 Sept



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