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Lisa & Alex Lovely Dinosaur 201
Lovely Dinosaur Shoot

Lisa (a simply brilliant photographer) agreed to model at the last Photography Farm for us with her husband Alex. They had an amazing wedding in Las Vegas and our idea for the shoot was a fantasy honeymoon for them involving this gorgeous Airstream trailer. One afternoon when Lisa and I were shooting a wedding, Alex sent her a photo of himself in his latest purchase, the dinosaur suit. He often wears it around the house so why not bring it to the shoot as a kind of big green lounge lizard? These two are so cute together and it reminded me of the Edward Monkton A Lovely Love Story. Full credits below…

Airstream supplied by The Photo Emporium
Set Styling ~ The Tea Set
Fashion Styling ~ Kat Williams  and Laura Kate O’Rourke
Dress & Accessories ~ The Couture Company
Hair & Make Up ~ Elbie Van Eeden
Headbands ~ Crown and Glory
Jewellery ~ Junk Jewels
Sunglasses ~ Rene Walrus
Dinosaur suit ~ Kigu

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