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Advanced Farm Elements in Scotland 7th & 8th October

We have had lots of requests from you asking if we would put on an advanced workshop up in Scotland that is all about taking your business and shooting to the next level. If this is where you are at then we’d love you to join us for either or both days of intensive learning and growing on the 7th & 8th of October.

Day One is all about Advanced Lighting techniques for Wedding Photographers with Adam Bronkhorst and will be held in Central Glasgow.

We will be starting by making sure everyone is up to speed with flash and OCF so that we can explore more advanced techniques. “For those of you who already have a good understanding of flash techniques or have done my off-camera flash workshops and want to take things further, this workshop has been designed just for you. I’ve thought long and hard about what you need to take your lighting skills to the next level and become a lighting Jedi.


We’ll be focusing on how to use minimal gear for massive effects. So we’ll be looking at a load of different modifiers that you can use on your flashes and the effects that each one has on the quality of light. I’ll show you a load of classic lighting set ups that you can adapt and use to get amazing results from future shoots / weddings. We’ll look at adding colour to your lights to get really creative. We’ll then look at combining the modifiers, gels and lighting set ups by using multiple flashes and how you can get a really polished look from your small flashes and super portable gear that will fit in your existing camera bag.

There will also be a troubleshooting section where we’ll look at problems that you’ve had in the past or situations you’re not too comfortable in and how to solve them.


We’ll have a model there for the day and I’ll be shooting with the camera tethered, so I can demonstrate everything in real time for you. This is a totally new course and it has been designed from the ground up, to really make you stand out from the crowd.”

  • Looking at different lighting modifiers
  • Classic lighting styles
  • Multiple light set up
  • Using colour
  • Putting it all together
  • How to light an environment
  • Trouble shooting

Day Two with Lisa Devlin will take place in the glorious surroundings of the Trossachs just outside of Glasgow. It will include a beautiful shoot in some amazing scenery ~ we will be exploring how showing what you want to shoot can play an integral part in taking things up a level and getting attention from the right sources. She will talk about how to come up with original concepts and then develop them into reality. Then how to get those shoots featured in the right places and how to fit them around the rest of your business.

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We will also explore the methods that can be used to elevate your reputation and grow your business. In the current overly saturated market, how can you go from being a jobbing or part time photographer to full time and highly in demand?

“This workshop is for those who feel stuck in a certain price bracket or that they are not standing out from the crowd. As much as possible it would be lovely to attract couples that are completely excited about booking us and that give us creative space on the wedding day. That is the position I want to take you to with this inspirational day. We will also be getting stuck into the question of what to charge and how to make a decent living from wedding photography. Part of this is going to be exploring how to develop our unique voices and making sure we are confident in our skills.”

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  • Inspirational Styled Shoot
  • Getting featured
  • Building a reputation and your business
  • Attracting your ideal clients
  • Setting your rates
  • Developing our unique voices

The cost for these workshops is just £300 per day or join us for both Day One and Two for £550. We will host a social after day one in Glasgow and would love you to join us for this. Places are limited so to book, simply email us.

6 Responses to Advanced Farm Elements in Scotland 7th & 8th October

  1. Donna Murray says:


    I am inquiring to find out of you have space for the scottish workshop for both days? I have been on a Farm Elements course before and it has changed my business a billion times for the better!

    Best wishes,


  2. Pippa Jeffrey says:

    I am just starting my own photography business. This course sounds great but I can’t make this date i’m afraid. Will this be coming up again and also do you do any course based on weddings?

    Many Thanks


  3. Hi Lisa, I have only just started out and have been very inspired by the photography farm. I have been hoping for a course up in Scotland but would it be ok to come on this as I haven’t been on any of your other courses?

    • lisa says:

      Hi Alison.. thanks for your comment. You don’t need to have attended our previous classes but this is not for beginners. We will be assuming that everyone has a fair knowledge of the industry already and is a pretty competent shooter. If you want to grab a spot, just email me… lisa :-)

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