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workshop; n ~ a usually brief intensive educational program for a relatively small group of people that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field. Here at Photography Farm, our particular field is alternative wedding photography. We have evolved from small one day workshops into the three levels on offer today. A residential 2.5 day workshop near Gatwick, the two day Elements class all over the UK plus our online training and resources. We always keep the groups small but the learning experience huge. We believe in a hands on practical way of teaching and in providing ongoing support. We want to bring out the photographer inside you that is creative, unique and client focused. If you join us online or at an in person class, you will find that Photography Farm is a state of mind and a little corner of the industry that just gets you and wants to help guide you through the right doors for you. LISA DEVLIN


City Farm // James Frost 04.08 London

City Farm is a one day workshop from Photography Farm with an incredible guest mentor leading the learning at each one. City Farm is a new format of workshop for Photography Farm offering intense one day masterclasses from some of the very best wedding photographers... read more

Farm Mechanics // Glasgow 20th July

This workshop is about learning your craft, focusing on the mechanics and skills needed as a professional photographer… Farm workshops gave me the practical and creative tools I needed to inspire me to be the best I can be. The continued support from the... read more
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